ArQ Vita
ArQ Vita

Intramuscular Platform

0.5 - 1 ml

The ArQ® - Vita platform can achieve large volume, deep intramuscular delivery, making it the ideal platform to deliver medication for chronic conditions. Built around Oval’s polymeric primary drug container technology, we can create a device that is small and simple to use, whilst housing the correct length needle to achieve consistent intramuscular delivery for your patient population.

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1 - 3 ml

The ArQ® - Vita Plus device is a powerful autoinjector for deep intramuscular delivery, with an extended capability in comparison to the ArQ - Vita platform. It can handle volumes from 1 to 3 ml with viscosities of up to 100 cP and needle sizes from 20 to 25 GRW with an exposed length of between 12.5 mm to 40 mm, depending on the patient population. The device incorporates a proprietary mechanism that facilitates consistent delivery of non-Newtonian formulations or drugs held in suspension, which may pose risk of separation over shelf-life. The device also features a large viewing window with visual delivery indication and both a start and end of dose audible indication. The ArQ® - Vita Plus container is lubricant, rubber and tungsten-free.