Oval's market leading platforms allow our devices to deliver a wider range of formulations including high viscosities, both high and low volumes, and fragile molecules.


Oval’s proprietary polymeric primary drug containers offer a range of benefits over traditional glass based designs. These include greater design flexibility, accurate and consistent drug delivery, and a more robust package that contains fewer potential contaminants.


Our subcutaneous platform offers small, intuitive to use devices with advanced needle safety that offer many advantages for the patient and for drug stability. Oval is developing a sumatriptan autoinjector based on this platform, Sumalen Ovali.



Our intramuscular platform is built around innovative needle technology that allows ultra-compact form factors to be created, using either glass or our proprietary polymeric drug containers. Suitable for crisis use, short delivery times can be achieved whilst giving a reliable intramuscular injection. Oval is developing an epinephrine autoinjector based on this platform, EpiQ.


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