Oval and SOLIZE enter into collaboration on injection device development

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Cambridge, UK. Monday, 28 April 2014 – Oval Medical Technologies Limited (“Oval”)

Oval and SOLIZE enter into collaboration on injection device development.

Working together to accelerate product development in the growing auto-injector market.

Oval Medical Technologies Ltd (Cambridge, UK) and SOLIZE Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) have agreed to collaborate together in support of Oval’s development programme of state-of-the-art auto-injectors.

In recent years, a great deal of attention has been focused on the discovery and commercialization of biotech drugs. This new generation of drugs is highly sensitive to degradation (e.g. by trace contaminants), and formulations are very often too viscous for delivery by traditional glass syringe-based injection systems. In addition, due to increased demand for self-injection by patients, and healthcare providers, mostly in the US and Western Europe, consideration for convenience and safety has also become a major challenge. This has led to an increasing interest in the development of new autoinjectors for the delivery of biopharmaceuticals.

Oval has been developing injection systems since its establishment in 2009 and it has strong IP, know-how and capabilities in the delivery of high viscosity biologics and in device development. Currently Oval is developing a number of small light-weight auto-injectors with a plastic drug container providing excellent usability for the patient, and enabling maximum drug efficacy and high safety levels.

SOLIZE has been providing engineering and consultancy services since 1990, which covers the entire development processes from product design through pilot stage of tooling and moulding. SOLIZE has been supporting development of many new medical device products, especially for European customers. SOLIZE can accelerate the development process by offering high quality prototypes with very short delivery time which are enabled by an in-depth know-how of Design For Manufacture, tool design and plastic injection expertise.

Oval and SOLIZE will collaborate by utilizing strengths of both companies to support Oval’s development programmes, resulting in highly reliable auto-injectors customized to meet the needs of individual biopharmaceutical products in an expedited manner, and secure a strong presence in the auto-injector market which is expected to expand also in Japan in near future.

This collaboration enables Oval to expand its unique business with the auto-injector both in Japan and globally and provides SOLIZE with an opportunity to further expand its development support business in the medical device field.

SOLIZE is a leading Japanese engineering and consultancy group in the field of product development. With its unique methodology to optimize the development process, SOLIZE maximizes the clients’ development outcome and accelerates the success of their business. SOLIZE has been contributing to wide range of industries such as automotive, heavy industry and medical device by offering product design & analysis, rapid prototyping, and tool manufacturing & moulding services, as well as development process innovation consultancy service.

For more information, visit www.solize-group.com/en/

Yoshiki Matsuda
Board Member, Executive Vice President
SOLIZE Corporation

About Oval:
Oval Medical Technologies is a medical device company developing revolutionary autoinjectors. Oval’s unique approach allows for devices that are smaller, easier and safer to use than any other device currently available. Pharmaceutical partners can utilise Oval’s technology to deliver viscous formulations and sensitive biological drugs that would otherwise not be possible to deliver in current marketed injectable devices. Oval is able to tailor the technology for specific patient populations producing devices that are truly patient centric.

For more information, visit www.ovalmedical.com

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