Oval Medical announces the availability of functional prototypes

30th May 2013 – Oval Medical Technologies Ltd (‘Oval’), today have announced that functional prototypes of their autoinjector technology are now available. Oval’s specification for a standard 1ml device was clearly met by delivering 1ml of drug subcutaneously, through a 27G needle in less than 7 seconds.

The fully functional injection-moulded prototypes demonstrate the simplicity of their intuitive two-step operation, and they still retain the aesthetically pleasing features of the original models. Oval’s autoinjector designs have consistently shown higher levels of compliance and safe use, as well as patient preference, across multiple comparative user studies. Consequently, Oval’s technology has been extremely popular with small biopharmaceutical companies through to global pharma owing to its flexibility, usability and superior drug containment.

The prototypes have now passed a comprehensive design verification testing regime, also supported by a detailed tolerance analysis, finite element analysis, and a Design for Manufacture based development process.

Oval’s Chief Operating Officer Martyn Young commented, ‘We are all delighted with the new prototypes. Not only were they designed and manufactured correctly first time to our performance specifications, but the reaction from the market has shown recognition that our vision of future auto injectors will become a reality. I truly believe we now have the most superior auto injector.’

Oval’s engineers are now working on a Mark II prototype design, which will have an enhanced user interface.