Oval Medical signs a technology assessment contract with a pharmaceutical partner

February 12th, 2013 – Oval Medical Technologies Ltd.(“Oval”),  announces that it has signed a further technology assessment contract with a pharmaceutical partner. The drug under investigation is for the treatment of severe infections in patients with chronic lung disease and is expected to be self-injected in a clinical or home setting.

The agreement includes a rheology study to test the accuracy of a mathematical model of drug delivery. In previous studies, Oval’s novel autoinjector technology has been shown to be versatile and able to deliver a wide range of drugs which are difficult to deliver with other devices.  Oval’s Primary Drug Container (PDC) can withstand the higher forces required to deliver highly viscous, or non-Newtonian drugs, in an acceptable timeframe of less than ten seconds. This is due to the innovative mechanisms and enhanced materials used.  The PDC is manufactured using cyclic olefin; a plastic which does not shatter like a contemporary glass syringe.

Dr Catherine Beech, CEO of Oval Medical, commented, “Signing this fourth technical assessment deal is a great start to 2013. We are confident that the results from the laboratory testing will demonstrate the superior delivery capabilities of Oval’s technology. The characteristics of the drug are well suited to our primary drug container and the flexibility that it allows.”

Initial testing is expected to be completed by end of Q1 2013.