Oval’s technology uses cyclic olefin plastic which can be used to produce vials, pre-filled syringes and autoinjectors.  Oval’s industrial design team work with world-leading human factors experts to produce a bespoke device design to meet the requirements of your patient population.

  •  Emergency Use

    Oval’s technology can be used to produce an ideal autoinjector for fast, simple administration, which offers the following advantages:

    • Simple 2-step operation
    • Smallest autoinjector on the market – greatly enhancing portability

  • Viscous drugs

    Oval’s technology can be used for to deliver viscous (>2000 cps) and non-viscous drugs due to the following reasons:

    • Cyclic olefin plastic can be used to form the primary drug container instead of glass
    • Oval’s plunger has low stiction and friction
    • A short wide drug container profile can be manufactured helping deliver higher viscosities

    High volumes

    • A cyclic olefin primary drug container can be manufactured to produce any shape or size so larger volumes can be delivered whilst producing an overall device of satisfactory size.